Discord Bot

We have a Discord Bot that exposes a few different commands that essentially fetch information that we currently have available to us in our datastore. Below you can find both an installation guide and a list of commands that you can use. It's probably best to send commands in a direct message to the bot to ensure that it will reply to you as the bot may not be permitted to reply in the channel that you sent the command in.

How To Install

Installing our bot is extremely easy. Simply click the "Add To My Server" button below.

Add To My Server

Bot Commands

  • !user USERNAME

    This command will fetch your ROBLOX user and some statistics such as total RAP, total Value, Inventory Count and Leaderboard Rank.

  • !item NAME / ACRONYM

    This command will fetch an item and some statistics such as RAP, Value & Demand.

  • !statistics

    If you want some extra statistics about our bot simply type this command.